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Capturing the joy of Ghanaian percussionist Paa Kow

Like everyone, I love live music. But what I love perhaps even more is being able to capture people making music. While shooting the Glenwood Springs Summer Block Party, I had the pleasure to photograph the Paa Kow, a Ghanaian Afro-Fusion drummer and composer. Paa Kow's music, in general, has a positive, uplifting message. As such, I hoped to capture the joy Paa Kow exudes as he makes music. Thus, I set out to snap not only his biggest smiles but also when he was most physically animated. To make the images more dynamic, I wanted to incorporate pieces of his hand-carved drum kit into the photo. I also wanted to afford a different perspective than what the crowd had, so I hopped backstage to grab an alternative angle that many people don't see. As with most photography, timing, positioning and a bit of luck played a part in capturing my favorite Paa Kow photos. I hope you enjoy!

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