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To inspire people to connect with the enlivening power of nature by sharing photography, raising awareness, and giving to conservation efforts.

A powerful story has a knack for sticking with us and shaping the way we see the world. 

And when it comes to great storytellers, few compare to Mother Nature. Many of us can recall an occasion in which we were awestruck by nature — a moment that provided some perspective of who we are, where we are in the universe, and what matters most to us. 

But like so many fleeting moments in life, these moments can pass without an abiding effect on our daily lives. 

On countless occasions in the backcountry, I've thought to myself "Everyone would be better off with an experience like this."

Through my photography, I hope to inspire meaningful connection with nature and encourage personal commitment to its conservation. 


Known for excessive energy during sunrise shoots, Bobby's passion is capturing light in nature.  
Favorite trail food: Shepards pie  

Spirit instrument: Hammond B3 Organ 

I feel incredibly fortunate to work with my camera every day, helping small businesses powerfully tell their stories, families capture precious memories, and conservation organizations protect the environment and our public lands. 


In addition to small business and portrait photography, I venture into nature to capture and share its beauty to support public lands conservation. So far, my wildlife and nature photography have generated more than $500 in support of the National Parks Conservation Association. I look forward to maximizing that impact with the help of like-minded organizations. 

I'm based in Fort Collins, Colorado, but travel throughout the U.S. for my services. Reach out for more info!

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